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19th Century Photography Workshops

With each hands-on photography workshop I teach the fundamentals of each process including chemistry mixing and safety, process history and techniques. All participants leave with their own work, and the necessary and practical steps to practice these processes independently.

List of Workshops

  • Wet Plate Printing
  • Salt Paper Printing
  • Albumen Paper Printing

Email me for more information.

  • In-camera Wet Plate
  • Gum Bichromate Printing
  • Digital Negatives

Wet Plate Printing


Travel back to the mid-1900s and experience the historical process of the tintype and ambrotypes This is an intensive, hands-on workshop that is designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of the process, enabling you to continue when you try it again on your own. In this workshop you will learn to make either tintypes, ambrotypes, or glass negatives (all three can be done if desired). Along with learning how to pour, expose and develop your plates, you will also learn how to mix the necessary chemical formulas safely and properly. Participants will work in the darkroom, ultimately creating images of their own, in addition to hearing a brief introduction to the history of the wet-plate process and its importance in the timetable of photography. Darkroom experience is preferred. Bring your slides (negatives DO NOT work for this process). The enlarger will become our camera.

1/2 and FULL DAY Workshops available
Email me for current workshop prices and times*
*Price includes all materials and equipment necessary for the class.